Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The odds.

We are blood related, with the least age gap but yet the distance between us is much more compared to anyone else.
It's not that we don't get along but i feel that i'm the last person you want to have a heart to heart talk or spill anything.
And yet, i'm the one who observes you everyday, knowing when you're on a bad mood and when you're not.
I'm the one who would go around telling people that you're being crazily emotional like i'm complaining but i'm actually trying to make people aware that you're not feeling so great.
I'm the one who got a little upset when mom didn't notice that you are feeling down and moody all the time and she said you are going out too often.
I was actually quite happy to be able to be in your brighter days..which was quite limited.
It didn't felt nice not being asked or invited to join the run.
But i guess i'm like this, backstage coordinator. lol!


I was in between of some sort of..........something today.
I didn't like it at all, i feel that siblings are GREAT! :D
I like big families.
I feel that yelling at each other makes things way worse; ignoring would be better.
I really am proud of my siblings and i really love and cherish them a lot.

It will definitely be different without them in my days of life.

Signing off. 
Hui <3

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Late birthday post!

I had a whole weekend of fun for my birthday! Here it goes........I will just bombard my blog with pictures. :D

10/9/2011 (Chilly pan mee ,mani-pedi, Jap food for dinner)

Manicure, pink nails on pink pillow

Rose on my toes! :D

Since 1998


my epic face

Family pichaa

playing with the dry ice to create effect. :P

Flower+ my head


11/9/2011 (Gong Cha Day)


Signing off.

i love you,
& my family. :P

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mom, you too cute la!

see those tiny notes stuck everywhere? :D

On my mirror

On my bed

On my brothers bed

and on the note it says...

Well, i guess my mom gave up on yelling at us and decided to use another way/method to get us to tidy our things and i guess it did work cause i packed my table immediately after i saw the note. It really made me laugh looking at this rather fresh approach my mom's taking. :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

7th monthie!

I'm still wondering what/how will we be if it didn't happen 7 months ago. I'm definitely glad that it did because this 7th months together with him has been nothing but great!

Me, like always is taking him for granted. Every monthie he would buy me a slice of cake which is not like a tradition for us and i would do NOTHING. I would get mad at him for the tiniest things sometimes and yet he would not get mad at me. Sometimes I feel that i'm such a meany 'cause he would apologize hoping i won't stay angry and would smile. I always give him hard times but he never ever once complained!

He would spend lots of effort to make my everyday. He would make important occasions or dates so GREAT! He would make me feel good about myself every single time i complain that i'm fat and ugly! He does make me feel like i'm the most special girl!

I really think that i don't appreciate him and what he does for me enough.

I just love how comfortable we are with each other and we always sort things and not keep any hard feelings from each other.

I hope we will make it far!

i shall update about my birthday next post with pictures!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mom, give it a break.

Every morning I have to wake up to her yap yap yaps. Every single thing in my room she has to complain about. I wouldn't even called it my room, since there is no privacy and personal space. I shall call it-the bedroom. I can put my clothes however I like as long as it comes handy for me, I can throw my things or rather PUT my things anywhere I want! She just have to complain about every single wire there is on my table or like things in my drawer and shits. I can't be keeping my lappie adapter and phone adapter everyday right? since I use it almost everyday. As for my clothes that I left on the rack, LEAVE IT !I'll probably wear it like tmr or smth. She's ALMOST a OCD. She wipes EVERYTHING , EVERYDAY! I love hate that she does that. I mean, yea great. I have got a super mom who maintains the house well. The damn thing is, she wouldn't stop nagging us on everything. If you don't like how I do things in my room, DONT GO IN. I guess there should be just one corner or one section of the BED ROOM, that I should be in control with, deciding where I place my things. I don't think she will ever be able to handle people who has to work in a mess. mehhh..=.=

If I have an apartment of my own, I will organize my room well that things won't be in a mess. Cause I would know how I like things to be so I will buy suitable towel rack and cupboards for myself. You have your way of living, I know.

I'm not MESSY, you're just being overly organized that every single tiny thing has to be squeeky clean and in place all the time.

Dust is everywhere mom, give yourself a break.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just the two of us.

I'm starting to get afraid of not being able to remember everything we have done together. =( I think I better start blogging bout things because I forget bits and pieces of it. It's just been 6 months but it feels like we have been through so so much together. We do have a couple of exciting things that we experienced together and many first time(s) together. I really do hope that they just keep coming.

I really enjoyed my day, my time spent with him yesterday. We went up to Genting Highlands yesterday 'cause we had free tickets to the show-Glitz. It was pretty entertaining and exciting at certain parts. Anyway, we reached Genting around 10 or so. It was his first time driving all the way up and all the way down. I definitely made the right choice of trusting him with my life! :D He drove so so so slow and so so so carefully on the way down.

We didn't enter the theme park though, because it's school holidays now that families are crowding the entrance already. So, we just hang out around the place.

We had breakfast--> walked outdoors-->shopping--> arcade-->lunch-->walked around-->play pool (beat his ass)-->movie--> HE BUYS DINNER CAUSE HE LOST!--> Glitz-->Had supper at Ghotong Jaya

I'm already having trouble remembering the sequence but o well! Great day it was for the both of us.

Thank you for always trying your best to make my everyday.<3

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Struggling to build confidence.

You know, there are so many people i see who don't seem perfect or lead a perfect life but they are or at least they look super confident. They are happy and contented and happy with what they are and what they have whereby I, can never be like that.

I always negatively self conscious and people around me (aunties, family friend, relatives etc) would compare me to my siblings. Urgh. Such an unhealthy activity for the minds of youth. People tend to compare more of what they can see on the outside (body figure, features and whatsoever).

Seriously..It happens all the time. My relatives would tell me i got fatter or wtv. It's like, OMG leave me alone! OR any other time that they would go saying my sis got thinner and I am putting on weight.

I'm can still exactly remember like...during CNY. We went to my aunt's place at cheras. I could hear my mom and aunt discussing bout my body figure compared to my sisters. I heard that my aunt say that my 2nd sis is definitely thinner now compared to me. There's also this time when we went to a family friend's place during CNY and on that day i wasn't in much of a dress up mood or doll up mood so i just dressed simple and comfortable while my sis and cousin wore matching high waisted shorts and nice tops. Then my mom's friend went.." both look really nice, really pretty" then she actually turn to me and say " are lack of it" Roughly like that in cantonese. It wasn't much of a pleasant CNY cause almost everywhere i go, it happens. Even just now, when I just got home, my aunt went "I thought you suppose to lose weight while working, why does it look like you put on weight". Well, I was wearing a lose shirt which might make me looking a lil bloated. My mom kinda told her that it the shirt. Thanks mom.

Thus, I've now gotten a little reluctant to go to any family event/ extended family dinner with my sis or without.

My sis is definitely, lighter and thinner than me now. So people, you can go ahead and congratulate her and leave me out of the picture. Seriously. So what? Just because she use to be heavier than me all the time, now lighter than me and thinner than me it's suppose to be a OMG SO BIG thing? geez.

I'm just so annoyed. Really. To an extend that i'm such a meany i hope my sis freaking put on weight. I'm so grr-ed up cause she lost weight from eating irregularly or not eating at all. Yet, people don't see that. Like HELLO! This is not a freaking weight losing competition man.

Anyway, I've got to go to sleep now. Got to go to work tomorrow.

I guess, the key to a happy life is to ignore what other people think or say and be confident thinking that nothing can bring you down. And I myself have to stop comparing myself to other people too.

I may not be happy with what I am, but i am definitely happy with I have.
'Cause i have you.

Kthxbye. Goodnight.